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Caterpillar TO-2. MAN M 271. MB-Approval 228.1. Volvo VDS Innehåller Bensensulfonsyra, mono-C16-24-alkydderivat, kalciumsalter.

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Cummins CES 2 Volvo/Mack GHG '17 diesel engines are factory filled with VDS 4.5/EOS 4.5 (API CK-4) SAE 10W-30 approved diesel engine oils. • Volvo/Mack does not allow  Veedol motor oil and achieves a record 3271-1. Volvo VDS-4/VDS-3 ZF-01L: ZF approval list for synthetic gear lubricant with viscosity SAE 75W-80. ZF-02A:  MB-APPROVAL 228.5, RENAULT. RLD-2, SCANIA LDF-3, VOLVO. VDS-3. API CF. MaxWay API CJ-4.

The VDS Standards defines the usage of engine oil in Volvo Penta engines requiring VDS approved oils as VDS-4.5 15W/40 High-performance Volvo Engine Oil 20-Litre - Genuine (Not available to customers outside the UK) - (may be mixed with VDS-3) List Price £118.00 Ex VAT Page 1 Information regarding engine, transmission, rear axle and steering oil is also included.

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They also meet VDS-2, VDS-3, EO-N Premium Plus and API CJ-4 quality standards. Oil from this list is REQUIRED for model year 2007 and later Volvo engines and are recom-mended for earlier engines. Supplier Brand Name Viscosity Grade Mobil Delvac XHP ESP 10W-40 is a low SAPS synthetic, extra high performance diesel engine oil approved by Volvo to meet the Volvo VDS-4 and Volvo VDS-3 oil specification, providing advanced engine and emission system protection when used in severe on-highway applications. Motor oil viscosity grades available with the manufacturer's approval VOLVO VDS-4 : SAE 10W-40 SAE 10W-30 SAE 15W-40 VOLVO VDS-4-compliant motor oil by other manufacturers : Volvo Truc Corp.

Volvo vds-4 approved oil list

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1.4 Emergency telephone number Annex XIV - List of substances subject to authorisation. Designed for ultimate engine protection and cleanliness for extended oil drain intervals. Specifications: API CJ-4, ACEA E4/E6/E7/E9, Volvo VDS-4/ Renault RLD-  They also meet VDS.2, VDS.3, EO.N. Premium Plus and API CJ.4 quality standards.

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Phase one of the specification was completed in mid-2019, with phase two due for completion by the end of 2019. - May allow longer oil drain intervals - Will better protect against carbon build-up on hot surfaces (pistons, turbo chargers etc.) • Most Current CJ-4/VDS-4 oils will not pass T13 test • Volvo has stricter limits than API CK-4 for VDS-4.5 on - IR Oxidation 80 vs. 125 in peak height - Viscosity increase kv@40°C 40% vs.

Oil analysis for better control. Volvo Penta oil analysis delivers a comprehensive diagnosis of the engine's condition. Oil Analysis provides information such as water and fuel content, viscosity, dirt and the amount of metal particulates in the oil from component wear.
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VDS-4 Approved Engine Oils Note: All the oils listed in the following table meet the VDS-4 standard. They also meet VDS-2, VDS-3, EO-N Premium Plus and API CJ-4 quality standards.

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Renault A page will be Displayed, listing the eni oils. Oil. : Part synthetic engine oil. VDS-4 10W-30.

CI-4. E4/E7.